# AnVILBilling 0.0.12 - pass CMD check and BiocCheck # AnVILBilling 0.0.11 - removes browse_reck parameters, encapsulates authentication better # AnVILBilling 0.0.10 - New parameter to browse_reck() that defaults to NOT running bq_auth explicitly. Now only one authentication per session is performed if do_auth is FALSE # AnVILBilling 0.0.9 - Plots in plot tab are now plotly for pointwise segmented display, and simple cumulative display # AnVILBilling 0.0.7 - No warnings on R CMD check or BiocCheck; one ERROR concerning support site registration - Includes browse_reck(), an app that tabulates expenses over time - Updates to vignette, including demonstrative static graphics - It seems that the page_size parameter does not properly propagate to BigQueryConnection; documenting this will take time; for now avoid querying for long intervals of time