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This archive contains an interface to AnVIL web services. The interface uses [Bioconductor/AnVIL_rapiclient][7] (rather than the older [CRAN][6] version), and is easily extended. Current implementations are for Leonardo, Terra, and Dockstore; there are Gen3 stubs but these are not complete because I do not know end points. Install the dependency and this package with pkgs <- ("Bioconductor/AnVIL_rapiclient", "Bioconductor/AnVIL") BiocManager::install(pkgs) The package provides singleton endpoints with tab completion on operations terra = Terra() terra$getUserStatus() %>% AnVIL::str() leonardo = Leonardo() leonardo leonardo$listClusters() %>% AnVIL::flatten() operations(leonardo) schemas(leonardo) The return values all require further processing; there are some helper functions `str()` and `flatten()`, as well as `httr::content()`. Some services require client keys, in `inst/service/<name>/auth.json`. - For dockstore, visit [][8] and put your token in `inst/service/dockstore/auth.json` file like ``` { "token" : "fff" } ``` [6]: [7]: [8]: