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# AUCell AUCell is an R-package to analyze the state of gene-sets in single-cell RNA-seq data (i.e. identify cells with active gene signatures). *Availability*: - The newest stable version of AUCell is available in *[Bioconductor](*. Unless it is for using with SCENIC, we recommend to install AUCell from Bioconductor. The package also contains a **tutorial** [(vignette)]( with information on how to run AUCell and how to interprete its results. - **SCENIC** (v 0.1.5) requires [AUCell 0.99.5]( More details on how to install this specific version are provided in SCENIC tutorial. *(Using newer versions might result in errors related to missing functions/classes, as some of these have been renamed).* An update of SCENIC compatible with the latest version of AUCell is coming soon. - This Github repository is meant mostly for development. "Use at your own risk" :-). Developers are welcome to contribute.