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# AUCell AUCell is an R-package to analyze the state of gene-sets in single-cell RNA-seq data (i.e. identify cells with active gene signatures). *Note:* This is a version in development. The main version of the package will be submitted Bioconductor. Current version of **SCENIC** requires [AUCell 0.99.5]( To install this BETA version, you can run the following commands from R: ``` # devtools::install_github("aertslab/AUCell") # Does not build the tutorial (faster) devtools::install_github("aertslab/AUCell", build_vignettes=TRUE) # You might need to install these packages first: install.packages(c("devtools", "data.table", "zoo")) # Recommended source(""); biocLite("BiocInstaller") install.packages(c("DT")); biocLite("GEOquery") # For tutorial ``` A tutorial (vignette) is included in the package. An HTML version of the [tutorial]( is available at