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ADaCGH2 incorporates some code from other authors (listed in the Author field). This is a brief list of files and their origins. See the files for further details. - From Ben-Yaacov and Eldar for HaarSeg method: src/r_hharseg.c R/HaarSeg.R - From Hsu and Grove the code for the wavelet approach in Hsu et al. In particular, the following functions in ADaCGH-2.R: our.sure our.hybrid nominal.thresh segmentW - From B. Rowlingson: R/imagemap.R - The file ADaCGH2.R contains some code that is a modification of existing code in other packages, particularly of code in DNAcopy (Venkatraman E. Seshan, Adam Olshen), in particular the functions: internalDNAcopySmooth internalDNAcopySegm - From Edwin de Jonge, Jan Wijffels, Jan van der Laan, code that was part of CRAN package ffbase, which was removed from the CRAN repository on 2022-04-04: This code is in R/from-ffbase.R